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Final project by my communications class, one more to follow. All your views will help more than you know!



New Perspectives With Seth Gore

We’ve been learning a lot about looking deeper into how we communicate everyday and to look at it with a different perspective to understand exactly how each form of communication gets to us or why we use it. Getting a chance to see Seth Gore and have him explain his perspective on communication was extremely eye-opening. There’s only so many ways someone with all their senses can examine the way they communicate, it takes someone who doesn’t have all of their senses to show them how different things are when you have to rely on alternate ways to be heard and to express oneself. 

Seth explained how losing the sense of hearing didn’t cripple his ability to understand and function in todays world. Since he can not hear he began to rely more on his other senses even more, which strengthened them to the point where he could feel somethings presence as apposed to hearing it. A deaf person walking through a bustling city may not hear the immense amount of noises and conversations of passer-byers, but they can see the all the people, lights, buildings, and cars, smell the dishes of every restaurant on the block, and feel the vibrations of subway cars rushing by. They are very much involved and aware with what is going on around them despite lacking one sense that most people would say they couldn’t function without. This is something everyone should think about. 





Response to “Media and Society”

Media and society mix terribly. Media and society also blend perfectly together. I like how you showed the positives and negatives of facebook. It’s really hard to get anything that is all good and no bad and technology is no different. Cell phones are so smart that they can email your presentation to your office if you get stuck in traffic. That same cell phone could kill a man walking across the street in a crosswalk while distracting you with simple text message. Double edged sword. 

Response to “Addict”

I liked this entry a lot, it really is true how addicted people are today. I’ve been catching myself doing three different things at once, texting, while facebooks open, and then opening a tab to check my twitter for class. Communication has gotten too easy. Now the obligation to answer every form of message you can receive from “friends” adds more pressure to your life. You can’t stop. 

Response to “Millenials”

I definitely agree that because we have never been without technology we downplay the effect it has really had on our lives. Back to the classic communications example of a fish not knowing it’s in water because that’s all it’s ever known. Technology is the water we don’t realize we’re swimming in constantly. 

I also agree that family life has changed a great deal due to technology. For example, no matter what, some piece of technology is causing attention to divert from the meal and time spent with family. Be it sending a quick text to tell a friend to head over because you’re almost done eating, a sports event is on T.V. in the living room, or a younger sibling asks to be excused to go play video games. All of these technologies essentially re-defined dinner time in every household. 

This is a great video showing that public education needs to be changed to adapt to the 21st century. I think it is really well put together and I agree very much with its argument. #LBLLP